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How to Make Origami Paper Pen Holder: DIY Tutorial

Make a low-cost paper pen holder by following this do-it-yourself tutorial on origami paper pen holder.

Pen holders are used everywhere; on a desk, writing table, in offices, markets, and homes. You can make your own pen holders at home by plain sheets of paper. Here is a do it yourself project to teach you how to make your own paper pen holder. This paper pen holder is so easy that even children can make it at home.

Components Required for Making Paper Pen Holder

Making the paper holder is easy and requires minimum components and 6 easy steps to make. Here is the list of of components required for the easy handmade paper penholder:

  1. Eight sheets of colored paper (A4 or Letter size)
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Glue
Items needed for making paper pen holder
Items needed for making paper pen holder

Steps to Make a Paper Pen Holder (With pictures)

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Make the Paper Pen Holder

  1. Cut the paper in square size

    Take A4 size color paper. You need eight (8) paper to make one paper pen holder. The paper needs to be cut into square-shaped pieces.
    Folder the paper into squares and then make cross

  2. Take two color combinations and make their foldings

    Now take papers of any two colors of your choice and make their folding in cross (+) shape. The paper will be divided into four square sections. Fold 2 of the square sections on the same side into triangular shapes. Then fold the whole sheet by overlapping the triangular shape on top of the other half. Make another such folding of a different color.Make foldings of two colors and combine

  3. Now join the two different colored folding with each other

    Form a square box by intertwining two folds of the sheet to form a rectangular box as shown in the image. Make such 4 boxes from folds of sheets thus consuming 8 sheets of paper as each box requires 2 different papers.
    Join two foldings without glue

  4. Join the two boxes to each other with glue

    Now using glue, join two boxes to form a bigger box. Mind the design and color of the sheet of each individual box as shown in the picture below. Make two half-sections by joining 2 boxes for each half.
    Join two small boxes with glue to make half of the pen holder

  5. Join the half boxes to make the full paper pen holder

    Now join the half sections to form a full pen holder using the two half sections formed in step 4.Join two halves to make the full box

  6. Glue the lower section of the pen holder to cover the bottom side

    Your pen holder is complete now but the bottom side is not covered. Take a piece of paper of any matching color. Cut it the size of the lower cross-section and the pen holder and attach it with glue. The complete pen holder is shown below.Add the lower section to cover the paper pen holder from bottom

A completed paper pen holder
A completed paper pen holder

YouTube Video Tutorial of the Paper Pen Holder

Here is a complete YouTube Video Tutorial for making the Paper Pen Holder.

YouTube Video Tutorial for making the Paper Pen Holder

You can use the pen holder in offices and side tables in your homes. If you like this paper pen holder, you can subscribe to the website by clicking on the bell icon in the lower-left corner of the website. You’re welcome to comment your queries. Follow us on our social media to get some great DIY tutorials on paper crafts and origami art. Follow us on Facebook and watch tutorial videos on Youtube at Crafts by Adeeba.


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